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  • "Counterpose_1", Original Screenprint, 13" x 10.5"

    Counterpose_1" received the Hunterdon Museum of Art Purchase Award  in the 50th National Juried Print Competition (2006), and is in the museum's permanent collection.

    Illustrated in "Water-Based Screenprinting Today: From Hands-On to Digital Technology" by Roni Henning, Watson -Guptil 2006

    Price On Request
  • "Counterpose_2", Original Screenprint, 10.5" x 9"

    Counterpose2, Screenprint, 10 x 11", 2004, ed.of 10 on smooth bristol

    I began to be more playful with the role of the edges of the picture format; some shapes seemed to slip under the edge, others overlapped the edge, and still others came right up to the edge, but were held inside, as if by the sides of a box.

    The visual "pulls" of the ovals and weight of the circles, was increased by allowing some shapes freedom to move out of the picture format.

    Price On Request
  • "Counterpose_3", Original Screenprint, 14" x 9.5"

    Counterpose3, Screenprint, 13 x 14", 2004, ed. of 9 on 2-ply archival bristol,  The lines (reminescent of my very early work in the 1960's) became like tight wires ----paths for the ovals to travel on.This piece posed more technical problems than previous prints, and I was having fun playing with the "picture plane".

    Price On Request
  • "Rodeo", Original Screenprint, 26" x 16"
    Price On Request
  • "Cosmic Balance_1a", 19" x 12"
    Price On Request
  • "Stardust (White Veil)", Original Screenprint w/monoprinting, 11" x 11
    Price On Request
  • "Towards Balance", Original Screenprint, 13" x 8"
    Price On Request
  • "In Flux", Original Screenprint, 13" x 8"

    In Flux, Screenprint, 8.5 x 13", 2007, ed. of 14 on Fabriano, $375 (unframed)

    One of the exciting things about making prints, is having the ability to make changes and print different stages of image development. I like to work with a balance of planning and spontanaety. When working on a series that extends over several years, familiar themes begin to exert themselves on the current body of work, ever widening the circle of inclusiveness, including the rich textures, that are so familiar to my earlier etching and intaglio prints.

    Price On Request
  • "Expanding". Original Screenprint, 13" x 8"
    Price On Request
  • "Matter Forming", Original Screenprint, 13" x 8"
    Price On Request
  • "Life Force 2", Original Screenprint, 13 x 8"
    Price On Request
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"The use of dynamic color and design, circles, ovals and webs of lines created an environment that was about equilibrium and opposing forces ---this became my primary artist's vehicle in this series.

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