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  • Syracuse Printshop1_1970
    Taken about 1970 of me in the doorway of the old print shop at Syracuse University.
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  • Syracuse2_1970
    Pulling a print on a Brand Press
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  • Joan and Me, M.A. Show, 1974
    My wife Joan was pregnant with my daughter Stacey, at my M.A. Show at Northern in 1984. I don't seem to have any of my M.F.A. Show a few years later.
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  • My Dad and Me, M.A. Show, 1974
    My Dad and Me----tragically he died about 6 weeks later. This was the last time I saw him before his stroke. My Dad never lived to see our daughter.
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  • My Mom & M3_M.A. 1974
    My Mom and Me.
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  • Mr. D, Hayter, and my print
    David F. Driesbach (my major M.F.A. Advisor) and Stanley Hayter during a crit at the NIU Printshop about 1975.
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  • David Driesbach and Stanley Hayter, NIU 1975
    Another of "Mr. D" and S.W. Hayter.
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  • Print Discussion, NIU Print Shop
    Hayter talking about color to the class.
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  • Crit by Hayter-2
    Lucky me---getting a crit by Hayter.
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  • Getting a Crit by S.W. Hayter
    Me and Hayter
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  • MICA Continuing ED Catalog 1985
    Front of 1985 Continuing Studies Catalog at Maryland Institute College of Art where I taught classes in Color Intaglio and Etching for 8 or 9 years.
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  • Teaching at MICA_1985
    Teaching at MICA---1985
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  • Teaching at MICA
    Teaching at MICA, 1985
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  • Keith Howard_1
    Keith Howard giving his first "Safe Etching Workshop" in the USA, 1994 at the Arlington, VA Art Center. He is something of a wizard and it was a very exciting experience over 5 days.
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  • Keith Howard amazing the class
    Keith Howard amazing the class.
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  • Teaching at Towson University_1996
    Teaching at Towson University, 1996
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  • Teaching at Towson University_1996
    Teaching at Towson University 1996
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  • Me--Waterbased Collagraph
    Me, doing a workshop in 1997 for the Maryland Printmakers. Prior to the marketing of Acua Color by Susan Rostow, I had been experimenting with Createx and Speedball products for collagraph printing.
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  • Catalog World Print Festival
    196-page Catalog of the Agart World Print Festival held in Ljubljania, Slovenia in 1998. Being chosen to act as the American Juror for this event remains one of the highlights of my career.
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  • Front Page of 1998 Catalog
    Front page of the catalog, Agart World Print Festival, 1998
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  • Beginning the Jurying Process
    The initial jurying process was intense and took over 3 days to view well over 1500 prints. There were many cappuccino breaks. The second jurying took place several months later from actual prints (about 450) and it was a real thrill to see so many drypoints (many quite large), etchings, woodcuts, lithos, and screenprints from about 55 different countries.
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  • Mini-Print selection
    Milan Pirker and John Mackechnie looking over prints for mini print catagory.
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  • Four Jurors
    Relaxing at a mountain cafe.
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  • Beautiful Ljubljania
    Ljubljania was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.
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  • Picture of me for my Compter Chapter
    Picture of me for my computer chapter of Roni Hennings book, "Water-based Screenprinting Today: Hands On Technique to Digital Technology", published in 2006 by Watson-Guptill
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  • 641,960
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